Love es M The Animation Episode 01

01 June 2014 15799 1 No comments


After half a year after becoming a secret relation three people… their relations did not change and continued. “Playmate” Ayaka is restricted, the vibrator that vibrates violent is put in genitals. Yoshito was shooting the figure with a video camera. Ayaka does not stand the pleasure improved by restraint x toy x dirty looking… “Lover and playmate” Ayaka wears the rotor handed over from Yoshito, to the thing to challenge the sprint by the physical education class. [If it is not possible to run to the last minute then punishment] it was said to Ayaka, stimulation cannot be endured and it halts. Afterwards, Ayaka and Ayaka restrained by bondage appearance on rooftop after school. There are no appearances other than two on the rooftop, a gag ball is fitted in a mouth, it is not possible speaking…