Oshaburi Announcer Episode 01

27 May 2014 1925 0 No comments


AD Minoda Kyutaro, beautiful woman announcer Nishio Aya who always bullies me as revenge, coffee with my semen was made here to drink. Kyutaro who feels excitement and guilt in the thing that girl announcer who is unattainable object was able to make its semen to drink. Recording of Aya that drank the coffee containing semen is surprisingly well, Aya commands Kyutaro to bring the same coffee again. However Kyutaro is found by Aya in the place where semen is put in the coffee… It was Kyutaro which prepared for hard anger of Aya, aya pays attention to the power of Kyutaro’s semen. Apparently there was a mysterious power to do the viscous liquid of the throat properly in Kyutaro’s semen! Aya demands sperm of Kyutaro to reach the top as an announcer, every day that sucks everywhere in the TV station between Kyutaro’s groins starts.