Otome Hime Episode 01

01 December 2014 7815 3 No comments


From pretty girl Ouno Megumi of the class, protagonist Shinmichi Satoru which is confessed suddenly. In fact, ability of [realization] to hear the voice of the heart of the partner is in Satoru, megumi had been helped many times so far. When Megumi that confession was OK’d does a naughty delusion unintentionally, Satoru realizes it, her chest is touched. However Megumi doesn’t have the refused pretense either, in addition the kiss with Satoru it seems to expect it. Satoru that feels like it completely, when you take off clothes from Megumi the kiss curse continuing, it rushes into lewd as it is. Megumi’s genitals are understood from the cunnilingus and the penis is inserted.

Otome Hime