Colosseum no Senki Another Story Episode 01

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Berunu-pu country Coliseum that gets excited and exists in getting on jar. The person at the center, it wrapped in a dress that is not suitably to the gladiator and was red. It is not a support but a jeers that is poured by the woman who faces the starved wolf, the more it knocks down the wolf, the more, the degree strengthens. She is a neighboring country, princess Scarlet. The two countries that the dispute doesn’t discontinue exchanged royal families as a means of peace. Therefore, Scarlet came to this country. The peace of the two countries is kept, Scarlet had been treated as a state guest. However, the prince of berunu-pu side having accomplished the untimely end, the situation changes completely. The public opinion of berunu-pu requests the death of Scarlet, the country in shape answered besides, Scarlet was dropped to the gladiator bondage. Scarlet that appeared as Warrior Princess keeps being demonstrated an excellent fighting power and winning to fighting Coliseum. However, as long as the spectator hopes for the death of Scarlet, it is likely to be killed tragically in no long way so. Scarlet always felt that. A man called Gustav with which it got acquainted from casual, Scarlet knows to be a superior carrier who surely sends the destination any one, an own body as a request fee, it was requested to send me to the mother country.