Creamy Pie Episode 02

13 December 2015 11282 6 No comments


[Guidepost of the heart] Always the same time, in the same place… The time only of two people is very happy. However, even if it is an unrequited love… Soccer club(MF) Keiji Nishimura trowing is drawn. Sugawara Aoi the appearance was always seen from the window of the classroom. Though Keiji is waited to prepare oneself and to report thinking, in the presence, it is witnessed that it is confessed by other girls and tears soak the cheek. I liked it so much… It notices. Time of rainy season, there was Keiji when arriving at the bus stop while soaking. “It is not good only to see, to be hurt already unpleasant… With the Nishimura-kun a long time ago at the time of favor have it…”

Creamy Pie