Dorei Usagi to Anthony The Animation Episode 01

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[Goshumega] In classroom of resting time. In the presence of Hiroto Maeshima, Women students are shamelessly exposing the stark-naked. The favor of strange glasses “Goshumega” that transfer student Charlotte Hatsune put out. Charlotte says “Person’s heart can be read” in mysterious girls with stuffed toy Anthony of a moving rabbit, the penis of Hiroto is held in one’s mouth in the classroom. [Shasetoma] Charlotte invites Hiroto on the stairs that continue to the rooftop. Charlotte who can read person’s heart, it invites it by an indecent pose that Hiroto expects. Hiroto doesn’t collect and Charlotte’s genitals is jumped into the fray. Charlotte who kisses such Hiroto. It give medicine “Shasetoma” where erection and ejaculation do not settle on. [Mad as a March Hare] Miho who wakes up in bed in school nurse’s office. She who encountered Hiroto’s ecchi, the body flushes and masturbation is unintentionally done. Miho who gets excited abnormally and rolls up cum though the first masturbation. Though Hiroto comes there, she was to have done the pestering of the ecchi since feeling shy!?