Ero Manga! H mo Manga mo Step-up Episode 02

30 January 2016 27122 10 No comments


The scattering semen is wiped in the tissue, the man quietly shuts the page of erotic manga. A man, it thinks suddenly in the sage time. How do you face reality named finding employment. The man who goes for an escape trip again. Lying down on the bed, it has an erotic manga magazine “Comic bottom”. On the end of a book page turned over casually, revelation of the god who jumps into man’s eyes. “Magazine renewal plan recruitment of subeditors!” In the interview that he jumped into in high spirits naturally, though a man becomes a success quickly… The editorial department is a condition not strange even if collapsing when. The charge writer and the employee though are only the cute little girls, only in the wight of a difficult character, moreover the editor in chief is unmotivated. Still Protagonist that doesn’t root out the passion of erotic, in variety, the motivation of the female writer formation is urged.