Genkaku Cool na Sensei ga Aheboteochi! Episode 02

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Kimishima Souma has a favorite woman. It is a teacher in the school where Souma commutes Kazama Rinne. It wraps with the suit that has the body with a good style, slit eyes in the short cut, it is a woman who has the dignified beauty. What is Rinne between the house near, souma was looked after in childhood. Though the relation like brother and sister, Souma loved Rinne. Souma to shake off the uneasiness and to start courage to write a love letter. But the answer of Rinne was an act to tear a love letter up in the morning homeroom were other students where. The name was not exposed, but acts that did not pardon of Rinne were too enough to knock down Souma. Still Souma complained with bad grace in advisor, Mizuki Hazuki of club activities without abandoning thought to Rinne. Hazuki which was devoted to an listener, the pill is presented to such Souma. Hazuki made it, supplement among which is popular when drinking. When drinking though Souma suspects, it begins to hurt strangely between groins immediately. When you move the glance, the bottom swelled greatly. Hazuki judged that this is a side effect of the supplement, it gives a lot of care to pants of Souma…