Jewelry The Animation Episode 01

01 January 2018 32599 21 No comments


Based on the adult doujinshi manga of the same name. Yeah Boom, so this hentai is about a married couple; Sou and Sachi, who have dinner in their home and it's December 2017 on the calendar. Suddenly Sou falls asleep and Sachi reminds them that they have plans to stay awake to watch the sunset. Man's like; Babes, just wake me up later innit! Sachi starts sucking Man's dick to wake him da fuck back up. That's a sign of a real woman! Boom, Sou comes in her mouth, but he still has a boner so suddenly they start "Love Making" and shit! You can tell that it's not "Fucking", because they start talking about making babies and if the room temperature is not too cold and shit. Being all considerate and monogamous and married and shit. Sou got some moves; wining his hips like he's from Jamaica or some shit, but dude didn't even spank her, called her a dirty slut or pulled her hair back once. This hentai way too romantic, ya dun know!