Kedamono-tachi no Sumu Ie de Episode 01

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Koharu who has lost the house where it lives due to a fire. To Koharu who is important girlfriend [You only have to live in my house] was able to finish saying. Actually Father of new and the elder brother in great woman lover, it is lowest human who puts out its hand to the woman who is satisfied with at once. However Father Genzous strong recommendations cannot be refused, Koharu will live in the house. While Genzou kisses Koharu, it is taken in the photograph and Koharu is threatened. Koharu who doesn’t want to hang too much worry, though it is said by Genzou, it is made getting a shameful pose, it is made saying a lewd pestering by force, it is fucked as many as seven times by the very large penis. The demand becomes more extreme.