Konna ni Yasashiku Sareta no Episode 03

22 November 2014 51502 19 No comments


[Sweet Dreams] Hiromi with the crossdresser habit putting the female underwear until, the heart is a young girl [Man's daughter]!! Elder sister Akira who saw that appearance, the existence of the younger brother who is man’s daughter is denied all. The more it does abuse, akira who remembers and feels excitement in like that Hiromi. Sadist Elder sister and man’s daughter’s younger brother, pervert getting along well with on this day? Lewd Elder sister and younger brother quarrel outbreak! [Landlady-san delusion inside] To the Young landlady Ayaka Yoshino in long-established Japanese restaurant, there is a habit to be absorbed to a lewd delusion if it notice. From the regular customer of an oily middle age, naked woman’s body is demanded, The nipple(s) is played with by splittable wooden chopsticks, it sticks fast to guest’s dark red penis… From the cook, a corpulent chest is violently massaged by the muscular arm, a strong hard penis passion boiling… From the apprentice crowd, it is violated forcibly many times in a bamboo grove. [Hospital is happy] Ishii of 26 years old single, when you accept the medical examination from a company for the first time, it is gotten stuck with suddenly hospitalized. The reason for the hospitalization reported by the doctor “Male virgin”, moreover it is said that it will progress considerably. The hospitalized charge nurse Yukari Fujita, real clumsy girl devoted huge breasts daughter. Though it is necessary to erect for the inspection, Ishii who doesn’t succeed by fault of tension. Yukari who declares that Ishii’s male virgin is cured taking the responsibility, special treatment was started. [Yui's Shrine] For the debt that parents are made to owe, shrine maiden Yui surrounded by creditor. To meet loved mother, it keeps bravely dedicating the body not dirtied. It is gang-raped to men that is every evening how many, shedding tears every day. Nightmarish pleasure from which it cannot escape cannot be disputed, both the top and the bottom are violated by force, it is made dirty. It is not possible to return to the origin any longer.