Oni Chichi 2: Revenge Episode 02

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Summer training camp near the sea having come kendo club. Natsume was pushed up from behind by Kenichi while washing a towel. [Good grief only these kind of things are done, though it catches a cold... Fool] Though Kenichi who had undertaken the lead post had a slight cold, these kind of things are unrelated to the lust, sexual excitement to daughters to calm down boiling penis, the place doesn’t care about and attack it. (Fool is a what, towards a parent. Is training not enough?) [Auu... I am sorry] Kenichi is accompanied by Akira, help will be done as a manager taking the place… [Stop Please... who is it] Akira who was working diligently to the preparation for everyone’s meal in the dining room, the drooping breast is grabbed at, state of pinioning suddenly. Though it desperately resists, it is played with one’s own way by a man who doesn’t know who. It doesn’t notice in the panic situation though the familiar voice somehow, it pierced and despair was felt for the feeling of the put penis. Fuyu tried to do piddle by the shadow of the rock. One hand pico pico was driving a mobile phone while squatting down, when it is covered with the shadow suddenly and it turns ahead, the penis of beginning the peel soared there and it stood. [Wh... What, This... Why] The penis is thrusted in the mouth soon is buried with an interior until of the throat, Fuyu to whom the head was grasped is forcibly moved doesn’t have a way to resistance. The body cowers in fear, though it is done to the remainder when cloudiness is poured, it is rolled next time in the vagina, in brute relative the penis to the Vagina that they are made to become familiar, the penis that did not understand was mercilessly buried.