Oni Chichi Rebuild Episode 01

13 January 2014 69577 29 No comments


My name is my Marina. Younger sister of Airi close older sister. However, it does for a moment awkwardness recently. There was not anything particularly with Airi…Really. If it is a common family such a thing is impossible. However we who can not… Match mother the face perhaps i should say difficult to… Mother who returned from business trip and accompaniment at last, teunion of familie of four. Though time that must be happy, we complex… Airi also, simultaneously with happy that can be with the loved mama, there is guilty feeling. However, nevertheless, Father, it is again. Our feelings caring about none, it enters together if Airi starts stepping into a bath and an indecent thing is done. To the point where they are made to take a rest from the class of the swim in the school, it is pleased to dress the school swimsuit to Airi…