Shin Hitou Meguri Episode 02

26 August 2016 133453 33 No comments


To hotel Keijo Zhuang whom the Aunt Tsubaki runs, scary people come day after day and keep, wow, wow, shouting. Having appeared there is him, it seems to be a detective… Use the room as a substitute for a workshop, the atmosphere that knows Tsubaki by sight. In the days of JC, I who was left for search for man of mother, a person easily elated by praise or flattery who was kept company with while making fun. For my relaxation that it came to the old town from the city, did not have the pleasure, Im so glad however… It always makes fun, to such him, only as for some my feelings just a little bit. It passes and it passes and it seems to be a… fool. As for being to such, it is such feeling… which it did not think of that there is such a thing from the… beginning.