Shoujo Kyouiku Episode 02

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Shiraishi Yoichi becomes a teacher who was the wish, enhanced every day was spent in the work aspect. On the other hand, a private live is sacrificed, she was not able to do and several years passed. However, because it changed going for one’s post ahead, the turning point visits, she lovely is now. Inagaki Sae. She in Yoichi’s pupil, the honor student type. Though it was Yoichi who doubts that the dream whenever waking up in the morning, happiness was actually felt by the scent of meal in the morning that Sae made. Sae frequently visits Yoichi’s room and prepares meal. However todays the mood of Sae is different from always. When seeing properly, nothing was worn to the body of Sae except the apron. The reason for Yoichi who sees such an appearance blows off, the mark of a kiss was carved to a developing body of Sae.