Toshi Densetsu Series Episode 04

22 January 2017 43621 10 No comments


To the school which Megumi Okuda serves, a certain ghost story talk was transmitted. Long time ago, the schoolgirl called Hasegawa Hanako is violated by the caretaker in the classroom, it has jumped to death from the classroom by the shock. She who perishes cannot die, it is said that she still wanders about in the school… Megumi Okuda not good at the scary one, patrol the school fearfully. The restroom which is not used. The closed door is some atmosphere that seems to appear. However the destination of opening the door was a toilet that had turned into the living space of the Japanese-style room. The girl who was relaxing while sipping tea with the low dining table, it floats swaying in slow motion on air when Okudas existence is noticed, it approaches while having floated. Okuda unable to stand up. Red jumper skirt, bobbed hair, she is a ghost story spread to the school in all truth, the Hanako-san of the toilet. Okuda frightened to encounter Hanako, however her first utterance was surprising.