Hyoudou Ibuki Kanpeki Ibuki Kaichou ga Kousoku Do M! na Wake Episode 01

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The Hyousou Ibuki-san of a beautiful and intelligent student council president is a “Masochist”. School regulations are observed, chairman Ibuki of who even teacher acknowledges the superiority. However what is the appearance on the contrary? Pervert to wear the enamel leotard that shines boldly slowly when taking off a uniform. Though it was chairman Ibuki who is making a hot feeling in its body not known to nobody in the alone student council room, Hiroto that kept admiring have seen such her and now she is his obedient pet, it was loved lewd. To his faithfulness it was chairman Ibuki who had trust, but Hiroto by height of sexual desire. The war stick to request the lewdness whenever possible.